how to make lots of money

everyone who has made lots of money has had one thing in common, i think. they all do not make a product , rather, they make a product that others can use to create entire industries.

think about mcdonalds, they don't make a hamburger, they manufacture and develop a methodology for people remotely to create hamburgers in a consistent way across the country. they also manufacture an image, not a burger itself.

microsoft is only big because they develop and manufacture small development shops (e.g., "windows" shops), because most other businesses that focus on selling a single product (or a range of products and services) don't care about creating other businesses.

apple is only big because they were able to manufacture an entire market. they created a product that can only be added to by buying their platform. similar to console manufacturers.

so, the next logical step is not to build yet another financial accounting platform... no. any "niche" accounting platform can be overtaken if one is created that allows the easy development by another party, who would only be too happy to do so if they experience that thrill of setting someone's money-grubbing service in motion, while only dabbling in the essence of computer science... that everything is mallelable... that a single solution can be replicated endlessly, easily. hence libposition, when it's ready, which will be soon.

the same can be done in any industry, i think. just once the right balance is struck between mallelability and preciseness... and even that can be tweaked with how far you sell yourself in nonsense like "services" and "certification" (see cisco).